Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Sky Watch July 13th on Lemon Bay

As you may have read in my last post our sky watch turned into a ghost hunt because the weather was to cloudy.Last night called for clear skies so arouns 8:15 Dave gave me a call,and said he would like to come down,and try to go back to the Lemon Bay spot,and I agreed. So I gatherd my stuff together which is growing everyday,and we went to our secret spot.The night like all started off slow I think because the clouds were still up a bit,but once they cleared away we started seeing them,but they were really high up.We stayed there for a few hours and id say we seen about 8 of them but all were to high I think,I did record them but have not checked yet to see if they were visable from my camcorder.I did however take some nice still shots of the view we had.We plan on trying out a few other secret spots I know about to see which one has the best overall view.I should have some very good footage for everyone here in the next couple days,I sent three hours of tapes to be put on CD so I can upload them,and my wire for my new camcorder should have been here today but it was not.Once I have that I can upload footage from Tuesday night which is pretty good.Another thing if you live in the area of Englewood Florida,and would like to join us on a sky watch just send me an email at worldufospace@gmail.com,and don't forget to tune in to our radio show Tuesday night called Florida UFOs which is tonight,and every Tusday ay 10 Eastern here is the link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/FloridaUFOs

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our Sky Watch Turn Ghost Hunt

This story is mine the owner of Ghosts2009 Jamie.Last night me,and three friends came down to do a sky watch where we look,and film UFOs,but after an hour with the clouds not clearing we decided to go to the 250yr old Cemetery that's across the street from me.All we had with us was a EMF detector,my night vision camcorder,my digital camera,Gail had her digital camera she is a nature photographer so hers is very nice,and Tom had his IF camcorder,and cameras.We did get a bunch of EMF hits,and seen some real orbs,I don't like messing with this kind of stuff but it felt ok last night,so I took a bunch of photos which I'll had here.Besides that nothing much happened we walked up,and by all 700+ graves took photos,and left.Maybe we will spend more time there next time.To see all the photos CLICK HERE,and here is one they sent me after they went home and upload their photos Click Here In one of the photos in the first click here there is a nice orb at the top of a tree I caught,and if you do see the photo I am talking about click on it to make it full size,and tell me what you think if you good at telling whats an orb,or moisture,dust.The photo I am talking about is the one below,look at the top of the tree,its not a street light cause you can see street light in the other photos and there not the same color.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Two Nights Of Sky Watches,And Amazing Footage

My new night vision camcorder arrived last week,but as some of you may know I had to wait for the special tapes until I could use it.I searched every store for miles but no luck so I ordered them from B&H Photo,and they arrived Monday so I invited Dave over and we set up around 8:45.We knew the space station was to fly over at 9:05 but we did not see it for some reason but 10 mins later we captured an amazing UFO coming down,and it came below the clouds and I got it on film for over one and a half mins.We seen a few other small ones that night but nothing big,or low enough for me to film.Yesterday morning while trying to learn how to upload video from my new camcorder I recorded over our great footage,and I was mad.I was not even going to do my radio show I was so mad but at 9:29 we went out to watch the space station,and this time we did see it though it was dim,but five mins later this UFO come from the SSW going NNE and I got it all on video in night vision witch made me very happy my brother,mom,and dad were all there watching it with me.So I decided to do the show,and as I walk in the door Dave calls me,and says did you see that cause he was at his house seven miles north,and wwell the rest of the story is on the talk show me and dave did which is below.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The New Camcorder,Our Last Sky Watch,And Whats To Come

I was happy to get my new night vision camcorder so I can catch all the UFOs we see on tape.It arrived Tuesday,and I got to test it the following night.I turned it on night mode and was happy it was pretty good I could see the stars,but just then I found a button that said super night mode,and wow its just like the military videos you see,its amazing.Two problem with it thought,one the back up battery does not work,and now I have to send it back,and two it did not come with a mini mv tape which I found are very hard to find.I spent all of the next day driving,and calling all super stores and camera shops but no luck,so I had to order them,and they will be here Monday tomorrow,can't wait.We had a sky watch Thursday night,and seen about four UFOs but they were very high up,and without tape I could not film them.It was just me,and Dave that night,and tonight he is coming over to do another one,even though I don't have the tape its fun to sit out under the stars,and watch.I will be posting all the new videos we get once I get my tapes.I have given Dave my old camcorder to bring home so he can film anything he see's cause he sits out almost every night unlike me.So next time I do a post I should have some video to add to it,I just sent three of my tapes that have dozens of UFOs on them to be analized,and put on cd.I could not upload them without a device I diod not have so a friend that works for MUFON is looking at them,and making me a copy,I know there is some great footage on them.Take care till next time,and keep your eyes on the sky.

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Welcome To South West Florida Sky Watchers
Welcome to our group's site,we started our group in the beginning of April 2009,and since have had a dozen of Sky Watches.We get together to try and film UFOs that we see every night we look.The way this started was after my first ever sighting in November of 2008 I began to research UFOs,and chatting with others that do the same.In early 2009 I came across our groups co founder David on UFOStalker website,which is a site where people post their reports of UFO sightings.
We are now activly looking for new members,and to hold weekly sky watches at the park next to the radio shack in Englewood which is on water and perfect spot.To join us for a sky watch,or join the group send email to worldufospace@gmail.com ref group

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