Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Video From Sundays Skywatch

Friday, October 23, 2009

This Sunday Is International Sky Watch Day

This Sunday,October 25th people from all around the world will take part in a international sky watch that has been put together  by a group on Facebook.The watch will start in the morning till midnight,and if you happen to catch anything strange you can add it to the site with everyone else's findings.Now I don't know if there is any prediction for this day,or if they have inside information,but I do believe if you take part in this event there is a good chance you'll see something.As some as you know I've been doing my own Sky Watches since April 2009,and only once did we not see anything.Yes most are satellite's,but you have to watch each one to see if it does anything not normal.I myself have seen them light up just after we light our spot light at them,seen many change direction,speed,and seem to pop in,and out.What I do is film all of them,and only consider them a UFO if they do one of those things.To see the Facebook group that has put this event together Click Here.We may talk about all the evidence caught on my next UFO Radio Show Tuesday the 27th at 10pm Eastern.Thanks,and remember to keep your eye's on the sky.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New UFO Footage From The Morning Of October 2nd

We held a sky watch last night but we seen nothing but planes,so I woke up this morning early,and could not get back to sleep so I went outside to see if anything was going on,and you could see so clear.So I stayed out there for and hour and a half and filmed the objects you'll see.The reason I can use the real audio is because I have a problem where the audio breaks up,when I use my friends computer with my same program it works fine.It gets shaky at points but I leave it on to show you its still the same object

If You Would Like To Join

If you would like to join our sky watch group as a member,or just for one night please let me know by filling out a very simple form with your info by CLICKING HERE.

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A Little About Us

Welcome To South West Florida Sky Watchers
Welcome to our group's site,we started our group in the beginning of April 2009,and since have had a dozen of Sky Watches.We get together to try and film UFOs that we see every night we look.The way this started was after my first ever sighting in November of 2008 I began to research UFOs,and chatting with others that do the same.In early 2009 I came across our groups co founder David on UFOStalker website,which is a site where people post their reports of UFO sightings.
We are now activly looking for new members,and to hold weekly sky watches at the park next to the radio shack in Englewood which is on water and perfect spot.To join us for a sky watch,or join the group send email to ref group

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