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North Port Alien Case Files

As some of you may know I've been following the case of the North Port Aliens,or Devil.I even went out to the house with a friend one night without seeing anything.We did hear some stuff but its the woods animals live there.Since then I've been researching the case looking into the three months of investigation before the case hit the papers.As luck have it I found MUFONs case report with many facts that make this case solved in my eye,but I want you to look at it,and make up your own mind.The first thing you should do is watch the videos below,then I'll continue with the story.

Ok lets get back to the MUFON report,and the emails sent back,and forth by Mr.Rowley,and MUFON field investigaters.
From: Mike Rowley
Date: Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 10:13 AM
Subject: aliens in north port
Hi Mary
We think this is a dragon and that it is a neighbor that changes from dragon to
human, Shane saw these creatures in the full moon...our neighbor Paul ws always at
our cornor in the dark during these times on his phone, he says he needs to get out of the house to have a cigarette away from his wife. Se would be there for hours.
Shane ws seeing these creatures during the times he ws there. The cornor he stood at
is 5o feet from Shane;s bedroom window. Our neighbor has not been at the cornor
for a long time, now that the moon is full, he is there. He is trying to make frineds
with Shane in his human form.He engages in conversation with Shane when Shane
comes out of the house. night before last teh moon was bright he ws there till
midnight, I ws watering my lawn moving the sprinkler every 20 minutes. I would
open the door quietly and hear no no one talking on his phone, then I would walk
out non chalantly pick up the sprinkler and he would start talking. thsi happened
several times, I would quietly ome out the house ( he cant see me because of the
garage is in the way) wait behing the gaarage and listen for him on his phone, and
hear nothing, as soon as I emerged from behind the garage he would start talking. 8
x ...coincidence. there is something here. Something with a huge tail. We have read
about dragons, since we found out it had a tail (( did you hear about that yet?)
dragons do change from human to dragon and they have elves and other
mythological creatures as slaves and do have human friends if these human friends
can keep it secret. So far we dont want to be friends or keep a secret. An infra red
camera on that street cornor during the full moon will catch him changin into
dragon...We have something here. this is for real.......Things are giong real slow on
the investegation, the 8 mm of the eyes in the dark have not been ditigatalized and
enhanced yet, we hae not had our lie detector tests yet. We dont know what is going
on...we jjust guess at stuff, like we think maybe they did enhance the film and see
the dragon but dont tell us, so we dont spook and ruin things, we just dont
know....Shane can be regressed, no one has contacted us for that. We think
something mught be going on atmufon we are ot being told about. Please tell me if
you tink there could be dragons , elves, fairies. Please telll me anything I should
know but hav not been told. the tree the creature ws in, is suposto be checked for
claw marks, it has not been checked. Survalance cameras on our property were
supposto be set up ...they have not been. Something seems amis.He is here at the full
moon, it is Paul our neighbor. Please call or write , If there si mis trust of us...we
would like our film and foot print back and find someone trusting. We neeed the
truth as to why things are not progressing as we were told they would. He wants to
take dragon form, it happen on the full moon, our cornor is the best place for him to
do it and not be seen. He soes not come to the cornor except on the full moon. we
need to do some good camera work now.
Mike Rowley

Now here is the response he gets from the investigator

Mr. Rowley
I assure you I am working on it as fast as I can. MUFON does not get paid for this
work and I do have to fund my own way. I purchased a video converter unit. 8mm
cameras are no long compatible with computers and I do need to convert the video
to digital in order to view it correctly. As far as the Dragon/person theory, I have
never heard of this. The only thing related to dragons would be the reptile like
beings people have reported. If you feel your neighbor is involved I would be very
glad to go and knock on his door and ask him myself if you would like. I have had
an independent investigator at your property setting a unmanned camera for the
past 2 months. Once he retrieves it again for the 5th time, i will report back to you. I
still plan on setting a security system temporarily at your home for monitoring but it
is in use as we speak on another case and will be utilized for your case as soon as it is
available. Please be patient and try to encourage your son and talk to him about his
experiences. lie detector test cost a lot of money and I am contacting many people in
law enforcement that have access to this. I will let you know how that goes. The
problem is there are a lot of legal strings attached to utilizing government property.
I may have to find another rout. If you want me to drop your case because I am not
finding evidence you have dragon in your yard please let me know but I am on your
case and working hard, very hard. I have just received the first analysis of the print
from a wildlife expert and I will share this with you soon. Science takes time and
with little free time I am doing the best I can do. I do plan on deploying a team to
help with installing the camera system, it just has to become available. If you ever
have any concerns you may call me any time.
Morgan Beall
MUFON Field Investigator

Here is what Mr.Rowley writes back

Dear Mr. Morgan
please excuse my impatience, I did not know your situation. I have a concern I need
you to understand. I think my whole neighbor hood are dragons. One neighbor , not
Paul has a dragon sticker on his truck. I have read a lot about dragons, they can be
friendly IF you keep their secrets.remember when i first talked to you, this creature
jumped up on our house right when I was calling Marylin. I got the message not to call her. but of course the next day i did.I have to live here with them and am afraid
to cross them.Shane holding the camera to his eye could see a creature in that video
of the eye in the woods...he says he can see an older grey.All the male neighbors are
very strong, as dragons have great strength, i know the print in the ground is real I
did not put it there and could pass a lie detector test.I have not seen a print like that
anywhere. it resembles dragon prints. I know you think I am a little loony, but this
my assessment.They leave us alone now, but what will happen to us if they get mad i
have exposed their comfortable neighbor hood.All my neighbors are friendly now,
but what if we expose them? I don't think they would like you exposing them either.
Now they leave me alone, what happens after the photos are digitalized and clear
and published. Am I going to be clawed to death? I really would like to cancel trying
to photograph them and keep their secrets of this neighborhood. Even if I am loony
i still Harve this fear. I like it here as my dragon neighbors accept and like me. I
have no where else to go. I am afraid to stay here with mad dragons.With HUGE
claws.I want to keep their secret and not develop the 8mm film.Can you let me pass
on our agreement and not digitalize it? And let me keep their secrets and live here in
peace? Morgan....think about it I could actually be accepted by them and learn cool
mystical things.Or I could be their betrayer and ? Give me some breathing room,
don't digitalize the 8mm send it and the foot impression back to me. I will feel safe. I
would rather be their friend. I suffer 100 percent for trauma from the Vietnam
war, I have no weapons to fight if they get angry. i would rather get to know them
and live with them in peace.I will go crazy here if they get angry and start
terrorizing me.And it becomes wasr.
Mike Rowley

New e-mail from Mr. Rowley.

If you had camera 5 anywhere near shane's window, you have pictures.A different
alien came to shane's window.Walked right up and locked eyes with shane. we need
some kind of real help! Call me right away please.
I am putting this house up for sale. we want to leave.
A Reply to Mr. Rowley.
Mr. Rowley
I am on it Mr. Rowley. You have to do something for me first. The past few e-mails
you have expressed some uncertain views and behavior that may cause more harm
to your son and his situation. You son is going through a real situation where as you
may be looking to far into your interpretation. As you said yourself you may suffer
from a form of PTSD, which is completely understandable under these
circumstances. Its stressful and you hold a lot of fear and you want to protect your
son. If you son is really having the experience dealing with the abduction
phenomenon then moving will do little to nothing for it. You need to get a hold of
your fear and look at it rationally or you will adversely affect your son. Your
neighbors have nothing to do with your sons issue and I believe you are letting your
overwhelming fear take hold. There are many others out there that have lived their
entire lives going through what your son is going through. The best thing for your
son to do is to start talking to others that have had the same thing happen to them.
All I ask is patients resolve on your part. I will be talking to you today. I will call
you around midday. I have attached to this e-mail the initial report and the foot
print analysis. Your son already holds a lot of fear as is, he certainly does not need
to see it in his father. I know what you hold Mr. Rowley, My father, his father, close
friends in Iraq, and a 1st cousin all have been affected by war and continue to
struggle with the fear and emotion of what they experienced. You are no different
and you must stay focused and level headed for your sons sake. We will get you all
the help you need as far as your son is concern but you must help yourself. We are
here to help Mr. Rowley not exploit. MUFON has some of the best people, and I am
only dedicated to helping you and your son. I am not doing this to make money, get
on TV, or make a name for myself. I am an investigator and all I want more than
anything is to get to the bottom of this case and help your son understand what he is
going through.
I will be in contact soon.
Morgan Beall

Hi Morgan
the attachment did not come thru. I do not want the 8 mm digitized, I am going to
do that myself..I am going to sell it to the highest bidder. You have my word, you
will get a copy free.I dont want cameras here anymore or survalance, unless we
agree to me having rights to the results.Again you get copies free.Please mail the
8mm asap or I will pick it up.When you are done with the cast you can send it back
to me also.Shane looks foward to meeting the interviewer you told me about, and
hypnosis.You can be proud of shane last night shane got in his fighting stance and
told the alien he was going to kick his ass,( Shane is a very proficent black belt) the
alien kept his eyes locked on Shanes eyes and backed up into the woods. shane told
me he is not afraid of them anymore, but he does not want to see them.
Mike Rowley
from Morgan Beall

There is much more that goes back and forth between them,you can view them and the whole MUFON report by Clicking Here.I don't know what is going on here,but to me I thing it is just someone trying to make money as you will se in the last two emails below.Feel free to leave comments after you look through the case.

Mr. Rowley
Who is talking to you Mr. Rowley. Rights to videos? Highest bidder? I will gladly
drop your case and send everything back to you. We were planning an abductee
meeting in Orlando so that you and others in Florida could get together and talk
about their experiences. Now it is clear that you have other motives other than
helping your son understand what is happening to him. Money.... I had no intention.
And will not participate if this is the rout you wish to take. I was also going to buy
you some good references pertaining to what your son is going through. If you
believe your son is not afraid you are wrong, very wrong. The evidence you and we
capture is your in your ownership all the time. I am not going to write a book, sale a
video or get the media involved for attention grabbing. All of which are the worst
you can do at this point. If there is someone telling you to do this they are gravely
wrong and unethical. You know I am here to help, I have no other motive. If you wish for me to continue with your case I will with all dedication. If not your case will
be drop and all information accordingly discontinued. It is your choice now Mr.
Rowley. Help your son or try and make a name for yourself.
Morgan Beall
MUFON Field Investigator

Hi Morgan...Yes please send the 8mm and cast. I personally do not feel there is
anything morally wrong with making money off of the greatest story in centuries.
You have done a great job convincing me Shane needs help understanding this. I
will see to it. Shane Stared down the last entity that was here he did not blink and
has learned something else everyone should know and you can pass this on..they
can't abduct you if you maintain direct eye contact.
Mike Rowley
All e-mails have been forwarded to Florida MUFON management when received from
Mr. Rowley. Shortly after the e-mail depicted above the MUFON field investigator
Morgan Beall returned all the evidence provided by Mr. Rowley in person at a rest stop
off I-75 located in Charlotte County Florida after numerous phone calls the same day.
Dear Morgan
I am disturbed with the direction the Rowley case is taking, it appears to be moving
completely out of the realm in which Florida MUFON is prepared to enter. I do not
have any problems with your handling of the case to the contrary, I am concerned
with the direction that Mr. Rowley is taking.
lorida MUFON is not prepared to go any further with the talk of the sale of any
video tapes or any book deals. Please advise Mr, Rowley that we appreciate his
situation but at this time the direction in which he has begun to take this case we are
with drawing our interest immediately.
Bland Pugh
Florida MUFON State Director

There are 27 pages on this case that I think the public must see,I have no clue why this case has got so much press,I think if people would have looked into the case before writing their stories they never would have printed them.Here is what MUFON wrote about the case

To date for obvious conflict of interest, no MUFON investigator or management has
attended Mr. Rowley’s over night stay. These communications demonstrate the instability
and lack of credibility of Michael Rowley (secondary witness) and guardian of Shane
Rowley (primary witness). As agreed upon by the Florida MUFON state director G.
Bland Paul, based on the actions and behavior Mr. Rowley demonstrated in e-mails
depicted above and other means of communication, case number 17015 is completely out
of the realm in which Florida MUFON is prepared to enter. It is the opinion of Florida
MUFON this case be closed and deemed incomplete due to conflict of interest.
Case 17015 note; Shane Rowley’s testimony never changed and seemed to stay
consistent throughout the case. Most of what Shane Rowley stated fit the description of a
typical abduction case examples. This portion of the investigation will unfortunately not
be examined or investigated further due to the interference of the father, Michael Rowley,
and his unpredictable and unstable behavior.
Mutual UFO Network of Florida

Thursday, August 6, 2009

North Port Aliens Were A No Show Tonight

Me and my small UFO investigation team got a rare chance last night,the night of 5th.We were luck enough to live close to a case that's been getting some nation wide attention.Know as the North Port Devil,a man,and his son who moved here to Florida in early April have reported on multiply occasion's seeing aliens in their backyard.I printed the story two days ago on my local blog Florida UFOs,but never thought I would end up going to the house to investigate.From the main story covered by our local news I found a link to the owner of the homes website called sent him an email asking if he would like to be on my UFO talk radio show Florida UFOs,but got no reply.

I called my fellow sky watching group founder Dave,and told him about the website.About 45 minutes later he called me,and said he sent the guy an email,and that we could come to the house at 10pm to see the aliens which we described by them as nine foot tall Grey's.We arrived at his home after a half hour drive,and found that we were not the only people who showed up for the show.While we were getting out of the car the owner of the house said no camera's,camcorders.or flash lights,which I found strange.From what I've read MUFON has been there trying to capture video for months though I may be wrong.He said they won't appear if camera's are there.So me,and Dave walked around the back of the home which sits with it's side against a small patch of wood's were the alien's have been sighted.We walked to the back porch where there was four other that were already there,so all together there was about ten of us.

We all went in the screened in porch and sat in our seat's and told to be quiet so they would come out.That lasted about ten minute's before the owner suggested maybe someone could walk next to the woods if they were not afraid,so me,and Dave jumped at the opportunity.We walked along the woods but did not see anything,or hear anything so we walked across the street to listen,and we did hear twice what sounded like something sliding down a tree,and hitting the ground.Taking in mind our wood's are full of animal's we did not know what to think of it.After that everyone who was on the back porch came out,and were looking with us along the house.

We heard some small noise's,and all ended up back on the porch because the bugs were eating us alive,even with the best bug spray.We waited,and watched for a little longer when the owner's son said if we were to go into the wood's we would see them for sure,and I replied that we wouldgladly go but not without or flash light's to see where we were walking,and the father said that was not a good idea.We walked around a bit more when the first group left,and the owner said they were not going to show tonight,so everyone packed up and left.

I am not going to say that there is not something going on there,just that the hour we were there we did not see anything.I must respect their belief,if I expect people to believe me when we see UFOs.I would still like to get the owner on my radio show so I could talk to him,I only had time to ask a few question's.If you live in our area you may be able to go there,and try for a sighting yourself.The home owner's email is listed on his site which I'll link below.I'll also link to the story I posted two day's ago that was in our local paper,and their video that our local news took where they show what looks like an eye in the wood's outside the son's bedroom window.If anyone isinterested in joining us in a sky watch you can email me at

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The New Video I Filmed On July 29th

I went outside to show a friend how my new night vision works when we spotted this object,but before I could film it all the battery went out,but I did get a good bit on film.

Our April UFO Case With MUFON

This is the first case I submitted to MUFON about our sighting during April 2009 at that time I had an older camcorder,and the footage it took was not very good.I had no way of uploading that footage myself cause it used a VHS-C tape so I sent it to Morgan so he could check it out and see what he could find.I was hoping they would say that the objects where unknown.They say they may be satellites,and even though I track them there are still some that are not available to the public as you'll read.I just wish I had the camcorder I have now,back then cause I had multiply witnesses see these objects light up,change direction,and speed,and they even seemed to respond to our Spot lights by flashing back at us.With this new camcorder of mine I'll be able to film more objects cause it grabs the light and pulls it in(Light Intensification).I have added a new video to my you tube of the 6-7 UFOs we filmed this month of July,but all they are is star like objects that are very bright,some are below clouds,and change direction.I have one more sighting I'm going to upload today.We have not been able to hold many sky watches this month and for the rest of summer cause its always cloudy,or raining.I don't hope I will catch good video when the skies start to clear up,I know I will.Something is going on in the skies above Florida,and everywhere satellites don't light up,then down,and take 90 degree turn,but for now I have to agree with the MUFON investigators decision cause the proof just is not there yet,but it will be soon.To view my videos on you tube Click Here.I am waiting for him to send me the footage that he reviewed so I can post it,as soon as I get it,I'll put it up.To see all my links go to my links page by Clickin g Here.


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Here is Our Footage For The Month Of July

This month turned out to be active seeing we only held three sky watches.The first sighting in the video I got while me and my family went outside to watch the space station fly over from NW to SE after we seen it fly over we seen this other object(UFO) come from the SW to NE.The space station that night was very dim so I did not get it good on film,but just as we were walking up the driveway my brother said whats thats,the rest you'll see in the video.Please watch the whole video cause the best footage is at the end,we caught it after we had a sky watch for about two hours we were breaking down our stuff when it appeared.I am looking for guests to be on my UFO Talk Show on called Florida UFOs,you can email me at

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Welcome to our group's site,we started our group in the beginning of April 2009,and since have had a dozen of Sky Watches.We get together to try and film UFOs that we see every night we look.The way this started was after my first ever sighting in November of 2008 I began to research UFOs,and chatting with others that do the same.In early 2009 I came across our groups co founder David on UFOStalker website,which is a site where people post their reports of UFO sightings.
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