Friday, February 26, 2010

UFO Footage In Venice Florida February 25th 2010

I took a ride up to Dave's house for a sky watch last night, and we caught some pretty good stuff. I enhanced the footage like this for the first time to see ow it will come out. Dave, and I have been seeing, and filming these unknown objects since April 2008 here in Englewood, and Venice Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. We started the watch at 6:40pm and ended at 8:10. At 1:44 second in you can see two of them flying together for one min and there is about 6 total throughout the video.

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Welcome to our group's site,we started our group in the beginning of April 2009,and since have had a dozen of Sky Watches.We get together to try and film UFOs that we see every night we look.The way this started was after my first ever sighting in November of 2008 I began to research UFOs,and chatting with others that do the same.In early 2009 I came across our groups co founder David on UFOStalker website,which is a site where people post their reports of UFO sightings.
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